Coming To Singapore?

I have a few friends in Europe that are planning to come and visit me in Singapore. Students. So, staying in hotels is out of the question because it is rather expensive (at least for students)so I offered to look for a decent condo or apartment they could rent for the duration of their stay. It is definitely cheaper than staying in hotels. Of course, you have to keep in mind the location and few additional services like part time maid that come with the rented flats. For example, you will need good part time cleaner service if you want to rent a flat in Singapore. You definitely don’t want cleaning apartment if you are coming to enjoy city.

appartments singaporeSo, I have already freed up my time and actually have good idea what they could do here in Singapore. First, we will visit Botanic Garden and I hope orchids and lotuses will be in bloom!

Another thing I think that we will definitely take a plunge into Funan Digitalife Mall since as I understand, electronics and gadgets here in Singapore are much cheaper than in Europe.

I also hope to get them to enjoy Flight Experience Flight simulator. It is a lot of fun and very popular place! I think Zoo will be great place to check out as well. I still have a time to think it all over and prepare!